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11 Amazing YouTube Channels for Families

Looking for some good YouTube channels for families? You have come to the right place!

Love it or hate it. YouTube is replacing TV shows for kids!  So many kids I know (including mine) forgo watching actual TV every single day and end up turning on YouTube most of the time.  I resisted for a while but alas…it is here and it is not going anywhere.

When my kids first started watching YouTube, I struggled with it because there is soooo much content.  Some of it is really great, fun and educational.  Some of it…well, not so much.  It’s hard for busy parents to screen every video and channel out there.  I didn’t want them watching something sketchy.  I also didn’t want to ban it all together because there are a lot of interesting channels on YouTube! 

There are a bunch of suggestions out there for little kids, but what about older kids, tweens and teens?  The channels listed below are family friendly, don’t use bad language and are generally entertaining.

We watch some great channels together as a family. Obviously it is up to you what you let your kids watch, but here are some channels to get you started.  Or some great channels to check out in case you are sick of the same old stuff.

****Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with these channels, use your own discretion when deciding what your kids can watch.  Every family has different values and rules for their children. Watch a few videos first if you aren’t sure about the content.  Always have the internet “talk” with your kids.****

This was one of the first YouTube channels we got into watching as a family. They have a lot of fun family games that are interesting and easy to play. We started playing Hello Neighbor (in real life) and Sardines because they made it look so fun!   Not only do they play the games together as a family, but explain the games as well.  They have a bunch of fun family challenges which are great to do with your own kids. We  started Geocaching because of this channel too. Definitely one to check out with the kids!  The kids are well behaved and do not use bad language either .

This channel is a great family channel as well.  It features different aspects of their daily lives with six kids.  They have a bunch of awesome family adventures and like to play games as well.  The family challenge videos are interesting and easy to do with your own kids.  Road trips and cooking videos with kids are super fun to watch too.

If your kids are into drawing especially kawaii and chibi style- this channel is amazing!  She makes it super easy to follow along and has a bunch of really cool drawing tutorials.  You don’t need any fancy equipment or art supplies.  She even has tutorials on how to draw cute Disney characters, famous You tubers, Pokemon and amazing holiday drawings as well.  There are even some cute crafts to try with your kids. We all grab some paper and try her tutorials together as a fun family activity.  The kids drawings come out way better than mine!

Some people know her as “Nerdy Nummies”.  If your kids like to cook and bake, check out Rosanna’s channel.  She has some really fun cooking videos.  There are a ton of different cakes and cupcakes that would be so cool to make as a family.  Especially ones that are centered around your favorite show, like Steven Universe bon bons or We Bare Bears cupcakes! She even has some fun challenges and collabs with other YouTubers.

Now I will admit this can be for traditionally “girly” stuff, if that’s a thing.  This mother and daughter duo has some great DIY’s for dolls. Including barbies, LOL dolls, Monster High Dolls and  American Girl Dolls.  She uses a lot of recycled stuff you can find around the house, but her projects look amazing and are easy enough for kids to do. If you are into creating some cool stuff with your daughter that doesn’t cost a fortune- this is the channel to watch.

This family from California is also a lot of fun to watch. They have some great family and brother/sister challenges.  (Plus two really cute dogs.)  We started doing the 3 marker challenge because of this family, which my kids love. Kayla (the daughter) also does a lot of slime videos that my 11 year old really likes as as well.

We found this channel because we like to do art challenges together.  What I love about this channel is the kids will do a lot of drawings with the dad.  The drawings don’t always come out perfect and exactly like the example.  My kids (and I ) really appreciate that – especially my youngest. She gets frustrated that her drawings don’t always look as good as her sister’s.  It’s helpful to see another kid draw something that may not always come out exactly perfect and that is OK.  The drawings they do are really creative and easy to follow as well.

If you have kids that are into gaming, check this channel out. They have the whole family playing different games online and with different systems (Playstation, XBox, Wii U etc).  This family always seems to have a ton of fun and is definitely worth checking out if you have a family of gamers.

This channel is great for kids who are always asking questions.  There are some really interesting videos on this channel that even adults would be surprised by! It is a great channel to watch together and guess at what is inside these different objects. Great for young science lovers.

My youngest daughter actually watched one of these videos at school.  Since then we have watched all the others! It is based on questions that elementary school kids would ask like:  What is the coldest place on Earth?   How is a Rainbow made?  Can a turtle live outside its shell? It is great for kids who are naturally curious about the world. Especially when you (as a parent) are unsure of the answers!

As a family of animal lovers, I had to include an animals channel.  This channel has a treasure trove of interesting videos.  My kids especially love the Weird but True series.  There is also a safari series where you can watch the animals in their natural habitat which is just amazing.


What about you?  Do you watch YouTube with your kids?  There are a lot of fun things out there on YouTube for families.  Feel free to share what you watch with your kids because I always need some new suggestions too!

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