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    7 Ways to Make Valentine’s Day Special for Kids

    Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!  In our house, it is a holiday mainly about the kids.  Since I work every weekend and the kids attend school during the week, we usually have a pretty low key Valentine’s Day.   However I do want my kids to feel special and show them some love, of course! Especially as they get older, it is important to make them feel special at home.   Just in case the rest of the world isn’t so nice- I’m talkin’ about you Middle School!

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    Valentine’s Day Treasure Hunt

    Valentine’s Day is one of those fun holidays to celebrate with your kids.  There isn’t too much pressure to buy a bunch of gifts or do anything elaborate.   Every year I have a Valentine’s Day treasure hunt with my kids. I usually buy them a cute little bag or box and put some goodies in there. It is nothing too fancy or expensive, just a few things to put a smile on their face.  Target has some cute things in their dollar spot like pencils, a marker set, card game slime or stickers.   I usually add some Valentine’s Candy too of course!   One year I included a little…

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    Valentines Day Collection Boxes

      Valentines Day is just around the corner!  If your little one is having a Valentine’s Day celebration at school- they will need some way to collect all their Valentines from their friends. It seems like we still have Christmas decorations lying around, but here we are!  It’s the middle of January already and my kids have Valentine’s day on the brain.  Every year we try to come up with a unique Valentine’s Day box to bring to school, but sometimes we need a little help. There are a bunch of amazing and unique ways to make a collection box with you child.  Have fun with it and get your…

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    8 Tips for Making the Perfect Family Bucket List

      Making memories with your kids is the best part of being a parent!   Bucket lists are so much fun and it can be as formal or informal as you like.   There are so many reasons to write a family bucket list.  Doing things together and making memories with your kids is so important as your kids grow older.  Sharing dreams and goals can really help unite siblings and give parents insight into their kids personalities.   I personally love writing Seasonal Bucket Lists with my family.  It helps me organize ideas that my family would like to do together and puts them all in one place for me…

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