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7 Ways to Make Valentine’s Day Special for Kids

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!  In our house, it is a holiday mainly about the kids.  Since I work every weekend and the kids attend school during the week, we usually have a pretty low key Valentine’s Day.   However I do want my kids to feel special and show them some love, of course! Especially as they get older, it is important to make them feel special at home.   Just in case the rest of the world isn’t so nice- I’m talkin’ about you Middle School!

There are plenty of ways to show the little ones (or big ones) that you love them and are thinking of them this Valentine’s day!  Some of these can become traditions for your family- like they have with ours.  Or you may decide to one special thing each year- its up to you!

Here are some fun and easy ways to make your kids feel special this Valentine’s Day:


-Have a special Valentine’s Day candlelit dinner.

You can go all out and make heart shaped pizzas or tortillas, order take out or have whatever the kids will actually eat!  Its more fun and exciting if you shut off the lights and have dinner by candle light.  To make it extra festive, grab a red tablecloth and some flowers for the table.  If your family has a hard time getting together for dinner, you can always do a special breakfast instead, complete with heart shaped pancakes and strawberry milk.  -Valentine’s Day Treasure Hunt

This one is so fun and we do it every year.  Click HERE for an easy Treasure Hunt printable. I usually get my kids small bags with candy and a small gift (Pokemon cards, Shopkins, Slime etc).  In each bag I have a card that just explains why they are so special to me and our family as well.  I hide all the gifts in one place and have them hunt for clues in order to find their “Treasure.”   They love it and it is an activity, gift and a card all in one!


-Give them an “I Love You” box.

This may take a little prep on your part.  Find a cute box and cut out a bunch of hearts.  On each heart, write a reason why you love them.  Make is something special and personal.  I have done this on 2 occasions and my kids still talk about it.  It really encourages kids and they love to hear all the reasons they are special in your eyes.  If you have a large family (grandparents, cousins, aunts, friends)- you can also have each person write a heart with their own special reason to put in their box.

-Make a Valentine’s Day Lunch.

If your kids are in school, pack them a special lunch.  You can cut their sandwich, fruit, cheese and veggies into  heart shapes.  Decorate containers with stickers and include a special note or Valentine.


-Make them some Love Coupons.

Remember those coupons books you made as a kid for mother or fathers day?  Kids think it is so special when they receive this as a gift.  It can include anything you want.  Choose an ice cream spot, choose a movie to watch for family movie night, stay up late one extra hour,  $10 shopping spree– the possibilities are endless!


-Have a special dessert.

Cut out heart shaped cookies, make a heart shaped cake, chocolate covered strawberries, pink milkshakes with sugar rimmed glasses or chocolates from a box work too.  Grab some cute plates and champagne flutes form the dollar store too to make it festive.


– Have a Valentine’s Day movie night with your kids.

Movies like The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, the Lego Movie, Lady and the Tramp, Gnomeo and Juliet, Ponyo and Trolls are all great family friendly movies.  Choose a sweet family movie about friendship and love. Feel free to incorporate a special Valentine’s day treat as well.   This Valentine’s treat mix from Glorious Treats would be great for a movie night!


Valentines’ day is a great day to show your kids how much they mean to you (even if they drive your crazy the other 364 days a year!)

It doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive. Kids remember the time you spent with them and how you made them feel.  I hope these ideas inspired you! Have a great Valentines day!

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