Things to Stop doing at Christmas (so you can enjoy the season)


 The holidays are upon us. It is such an amazing time of year!  Especially when you have kids- they really help you get into the holiday spirit. The lights, the music, the excitement- it is so much fun if you actually enjoy it.

   Sure, the holidays can be stressful as well. Let’s face it.. every year I always say I’m going to have money saved, the wrapping done early, cookies baked and ready to go. How often does that actually happen?

 We always feel pressured to do a million things every season. As hard as this is to hear- we usually do this to ourselves. Half the things we do are not that important!  This year do the things that matter to you and your family and skip the rest. Here are some things that you can STOP doing this holiday season to save your sanity and restore some of that Christmas magic.  

-Stop running around to shop

Shop online as much as possible. Most stores even have their black Friday deals online. You can compare deals online too, helping you save money.

-Christmas Cards.

Stop sending Christmas cards. I know you feel obligated to send one to everyone, but just don’t. At the end of the day, how many do you really get? I don’t know about you but I toss them at the end of the season anyway. Not worth the money, time or effort.

-Christmas Parties.

 If you get a ton of invites only go to the ones that really matter. You don’t have to go to every work function and cousin’s party. Plus most of the time you have to bring a gift, and be honest- you don’t really want to go anyway.  Therefore – just DON’T!!

-Gifts for everyone

. This was one that I had to do out of necessity, but honestly it was a blessing in disguise.  Especially if you have kids, sometimes it is just a little too much to shop for everyone. Never mind the expense!  We stopped doing gifts for all the kids (but our own) in our family because the kids got enough from Santa. And you know what? It’s wonderful! The kids are pretty much gifted out by the time we all get together.  It also helps them focus on what is important- spending time with family!

-Doing ALL the THINGS! 

 Don’t feel the need to go to every little event and “fun” activity for your kids. There are so many things to do anyway, skip the ones that don’t matter. Don’t do the Santa visits if your kid is terrified of Santa. Don’t do the Polar Express train if your kids are bored of it -and end up staying up late and are grumpy the next day. Skip the crowded, crazy places and opt for a nice cozy movie night. Even driving around and looking at lights can be so much more appealing to a child than a stuffy crowded event.


.  This may sound awful, but buy some bakery cookies and put them in a cute container.  If you love to bake than by all means- do your thing. If you hate it and just don’t have the time or energy- find a nice bakery and use them to do the heavy lifting.  Your secret is safe with me.

-Secret Santa /Gift Exchanges

. It’s easy to feel obligated to be involved, especially at work or school. This year, just opt out. Sometimes it’s not worth the time or effort and it takes away from doing things that really matter.  


Whatever you do (or don’t do)- focus on what matters. Your family and children are important! Above all – don’t waste your time on things that don’t really matter just because your feel obligated. You will be less stressed and able to enjoy the season more!

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