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Family Fun at Edaville USA

   There are so many ways to have family fun at Edaville USA.   Edaville is a place close to my heart.  Growing up in Southeastern MA, Edaville was one of the only family theme parks around.  I have so many wonderful memories of Edaville, even before Thomas Land was a thing.

    Now that Thomas Land has been added, its even more fun!   Edaville is a small family based theme park that is really geared towards younger kids. My oldest loves to go for the nostalgia and my little ones love all the rides. Our favorite time is to go around the holidays.  Halloween is so much fun and the kids have the opportunity to go trick or treating on the rides. Christmas time is our all time favorite. The lights and the rides are so much more fun when you are getting psyched for the holidays!  

 As a seasoned veteran of Edaville, I came up with some fun tips and tricks for enjoying a fun family trip to Edaville.

  • Check out their website. Check out the website for ride information and pictures.  While Edaville is fun, it’s not Six Flags or Disney.  There is one small Roller Coaster, and most of the rides are geared for young kids.  It is not really a park for thrill seekers, but there is plenty of opportunity for kids to go on rides together.
  • Check out the calendar for dates/times.  Edaville is seasonal and is not open year round.  Some days they open later in the day or only on weekends.  It is so exciting for the kids to go at night and see all the lights! There are also seasonal events and character visits.
  • Visit around the Holidays.  Go around Halloween or Christmas if you can.  Summer is fun for sure, but there is something magical when you go around the holidays.  Halloween is exciting because they have Trick or treating at all the rides. Christmas time is great because you can get a break from the cold and ride the train to see all the lights surrounding the property. They also have Polar Express Rides available on a limited basis during Christmas (just a warning- it does sell out quickly and is a bit expensive). It is really magical around Christmas time.
  • Dress Appropriately. Although it is not a huge park, you will walk a lot.  Wearing comfortable walking shoes is a must for the whole family. It is in Southeastern Ma, so it gets hot in the summer.  There are some shady spots scattered throughout the park,  but be sure to wear sunscreen. If you are going in the Fall or Winter bring a good coat and hats/gloves/scarves.  Especially around Christmas time because the rides are cold when you are spinning around!  Also a good idea to bring chapstick during the colder months.
  • New England Resident Discount.   This is always subject to change, but residents of New England can buy tickets online for a specific date and save up to $7 per ticket. They discount is only available online so be sure to buy the tickets before you go (excluding Saturdays!)
  • Parking.  Parking is free – There is no fee to park and they have a large lot available.
  • Train Times.  Trains usually begin an hour after the park opens and run every hour before they close with the last trip an hour before closing time. The trains are heated and they have an open air car in the nice weather.
  • Thomas Land.  Thomas Land is for Thomas Lovers! If your little one loves trains, they will love this area. There is a cute little area with the trains that look like they are talking and you may even see Sir Topham Hatt!  They also have a big gift shop with Thomas related gifts as well (which you may want to run through if you are short on cash!)
  • Quick Trip.  This can be a park where you could spend the whole day depending on your kids. I would say it takes maybe 4-6 hours to get though.  The train ride is only about 20 minutes (P.S. There are no bathroom on the train). Quick and low key enough so you aren’t completely exhausted!
  • Dining Options. Many food options for a smaller park. They have a BBQ stand, 2 indoor eating areas, a few snack shops (with fried dough!) and 2 candy shops. There is a stand that sells hot chocolate during the winter as well. KC’s cafe has really good french fries too! 
  • Check out the area.  Plymouth is only about 20 minutes away.  There are a ton of historical spots, local beaches, shops and fun stuff to do in the area. Lodging in the area is nice as well. There is also a Commuter Rail Station in Middleboro (about 20 minutes away) where you can take the train into Boston.  Cape Cod isn’t far either and is a nice drive even in the off season months. Even the Southcoast isn’t far and is easy enough to get over to Martha’s Vineyard as well.


Edaville is definitely worth checking out! It is a lot of fun and you can make so many memories with your kids.

For more info check out  Edaville’s website HERE.


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