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    11 Amazing YouTube Channels for Families

    Looking for some good YouTube channels for families? You have come to the right place! Love it or hate it. YouTube is replacing TV shows for kids!  So many kids I know (including mine) forgo watching actual TV every single day and end up turning on YouTube most of the time.  I resisted for a while but alas…it is here and it is not going anywhere. When my kids first started watching YouTube, I struggled with it because there is soooo much content.  Some of it is really great, fun and educational.  Some of it…well, not so much.  It’s hard for busy parents to screen every video and channel out…

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    8 Tips for Making the Perfect Family Bucket List

      Making memories with your kids is the best part of being a parent!   Bucket lists are so much fun and it can be as formal or informal as you like.   There are so many reasons to write a family bucket list.  Doing things together and making memories with your kids is so important as your kids grow older.  Sharing dreams and goals can really help unite siblings and give parents insight into their kids personalities.   I personally love writing Seasonal Bucket Lists with my family.  It helps me organize ideas that my family would like to do together and puts them all in one place for me…

  • MA Fun

    Family Fun at Edaville USA

       There are so many ways to have family fun at Edaville USA.   Edaville is a place close to my heart.  Growing up in Southeastern MA, Edaville was one of the only family theme parks around.  I have so many wonderful memories of Edaville, even before Thomas Land was a thing.     Now that Thomas Land has been added, its even more fun!   Edaville is a small family based theme park that is really geared towards younger kids. My oldest loves to go for the nostalgia and my little ones love all the rides. Our favorite time is to go around the holidays.  Halloween is so much fun and the kids…

  • Family Traditions

    Why Family Traditions are So Important

        When you have kids, traditions are something that you may start to do automatically. Even if you didn’t have many family traditions as a kid, it is such a fun way to make memories with your own children.  As your family grows and kids age, some traditions may change with time.  You may choose to carry on things you did as a child or add entirely new traditions to your family’s repertoire.  Most families decide to do a mix of both.   If you think back to when you were a kid,  those memories and traditions are the pillar of what defines your childhood. I remember sleeping in my brothers…

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