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    20 Ways to Cut your Grocery Bill in Half

    Lately I have been on a mission to save money. Looming credit card debt, increasing real estate taxes,  a daughter in college and two more children eventually heading down the route…my bank account is crying! Even though I’m kind of late to the game, I have been trying to learn as much as I can about budgeting and paying down bills.   There are quite a few fixed monthly expenses we all have that we cannot change much.  Mortgage, car payments, taxes, etc –  but the one thing we all have control over is our food budget!  Even if you have a large family, it is feasible to cut your grocery…

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    15 Tips to Make Ends Meet until Payday

         If you are reading this – here’s a hug! Life can be tough sometimes, there are weeks when you just can’t catch a break. I know because I’m living it, with my significant other losing his job last week.  Trying to s-t-r-e-t-c-h that little bit is hard when you have looming bills and the kids just gotta eat. When you are in a financial crunch- every little bit helps! Sometimes you need to find creative ways to make ends meet until payday.

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    How to Cut out Cable and Save Money!

      Disclaimer: This is in no way sponsored by any company or service. This is just what worked for our family when we needed to look for ways to save money. When we first decided to cut out cable in our house- you would’ve thought we were moving our kids into a cave!   Nooooo, not the DVR!! In our house, cutting out cable came out of necessity. Too many monthly bills and not enough to warrant spending hundreds on a cable bill. Since cutting out cable two years ago – we have not looked back.  Even though we live in an urban area, the options for internet and cable are…

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    How to use what you have when food (and money) is running low.

      Did you ever look at the calendar and realize payday is still 7 days away and you are out of everything?? Or worse, you’re not sure when that next paycheck is coming??  Lately, the holidays have been zapping up what (little) extra money is around.      There are pantry challenges all over the internet testing people to use what they have instead of buying more. For some people (like me) it’s out of necessity more than a fun challenge.      I have been there (and currently live there). With 5 in my family and living on one income, it takes some creativity to get by with what we have. Sometimes…

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