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The Ultimate Spring Bucket List for Families

Spring is almost here! I feel like we have been held captive in the house for so long between sicknesses and bad weather.  My kids and I are ready to get out and decided to make our Spring Bucket List together!

There are so many great things to look forward to when the weather turns nice around here. Soon the flowers will be growing and the buds will start to bloom. Here are plenty of ideas to get you and your family started on your spring bucket list.

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The Ultimate Spring Bucket List for Families

  • Make a bird feeder with your kids. Here is a great one from Mama.Papa.Bubba to try that only need citrus fruit and bird seed.
  • Start some seedlings indoors. Gardening basics has some great tips if you are a newbie to gardening.
  • Visit a farm.  Spring means little babies! Look online for places in your area you can go to see and maybe even feed some animals.  Some  tractor  supply/feed  and  grain  stores  even  have  bunnies  and  chicks.
  • Head to the beach (or lake).  Even though it is not warm enough to swim, it is so much fun to spend time on the beach or lake when it is not crazy busy. Look for wildlife or go on a scavenger hunt.
  • Have a picnic.  Pack up some sandwiches (get Subway, Lunchables or whatever) and have an old fashioned picnic at the park or in your backyard.
  • Stop in some puddles. There is something about unabashed jumping in puddles that kids cannot resist.  Use rain boots, go barefoot – your kids will love it!
  • Read books about Spring. There are a ton of interesting books for kids about Spring and Easter that get kids into that nicer weather mindset.
  • Go on a scavenger hunt.  Spend some time outside to look for springtime items.  You can make your own or download one here.

           (These are for personal use only. Please do not copy, alter or sell my free printables.)

This one has pictures for younger kids.

This one is just words and more items for older kids.

  • Create a thunderstorm fort.  My kids have always been scared of thunderstorms, so we got one of those collapsible fort that we put together and sit in when there are storms. We get snacks, books, their tablets and hang out in there until the storm is over.
  • Make a kite and fly it. You can use paper, fabric, wooden sticks, mini kites – it is up to you. Bring the kite outside and try to fly it on a windy day.
  • Spring Cleaning. Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be boring! Open the windows, throw open some fun music and make a day of it.  My kids know I always have a crazy redecorating/reorganizing bug in the Spring. I love to paint the walls and move furniture around – just to mix things up after a long dreary winter.
  • Get some fresh flowers. Spring means flowers! After Spring cleaning, it feels so nice to have a nice bouquet of flowers on the kitchen table or windowsill.
  • Head to the zoo or aquarium.  This can sometimes be expensive, but try to grab library passes or coupons to cut the price down a little.  It is so nice to walk around before the weather gets too warm and all the animals head inside.
  • Get crafty.  Paint some garden pots or make some pet rocks.  Make some pictures of flowers or better yet, make them out of pipe cleaners!
  • Visit some new parks and playgrounds.  We found some many parks/playgrounds just through Google maps!  Visit some local state parks and have a nice nature walk.
  • Create a big chalk mural. The kids love doing this together. Decide on a fun picture like a mountain scene or a candy store and draw it together.
  • Play mini golf. After a long winter, mini golf is a perfect place to get some energy out!
  • Shop at a farmer’s market. The produce is fresh, you support local farms and some even have fun stuff for kids! Plus kids love making different recipes from the food you get.
  • Have a backyard dinner.  This is fun to do on the first nice day of spring.  Even if you don’t grill or have a big backyard.  Grab a blanket or dust off the patio furniture and make something simple to enjoy outside.  Bonus points if you can watch the sunset together!
  • Go Bird Watching.  Either from your own backyard or go check out a local park.  You can find some great reference books at the library. The Audubon even has an app to find out what kinds of birds are in your area.  If you made bird feeders, check out what kind of birds enjoy them!
  • Blow Bubbles.  Last year we tried an experiment to see what kind of soap makes the best bubbles. We just bought 5 different kind of dish soap from the dollar store to test out.  If you don’t want to make your own and just some buy some at the store, try different kinds of tools to see what kinds of bubbles you can make.  Pipe cleaners, small pipes, straws, hula hoops, funnels, and different bottles are some ideas to get you started.
  • Watch Butterflies grow. Get a kit online or get caterpillars and make a suitable home for them to turn into butterflies.
  • Read outside. It is so nice to just sit and enjoy the peace and quiet with a nice springtime breeze. . After heading to the library or grab books of your own and read them outside. In a tent, on a blanket or just sitting on the porch always making reading more fun!
  • Cloud Gazing.  Lay on a nice soft blanket and see what kind of different shapes you can come up with!
  • Go Geocaching. Geocaching can be a fun adventure for the whole family, especially older kids.  There are a few different apps that tell you the site of the Geocache and even have reviews about the cache itself.
  • Set up a small world area for the kids outside. It can be in a sand box, water table, plastic tote or even on the ground. I use a an old water table and put various things in there for kids to play pretend with. You can do sand, water, dirt, rice, beans, small or large rocks, ice and water. Switch it out with different figurines, cars, cups, tools – the possibilities are endless!
  • Eat s’mores. If you can get outside next to a campfire or fire pit.
  • Rides bikes/scooters. Go to an empty parking lot and make an obstacle course or lanes with chalk.
  • Make bouquets. You can use weeds or wildflowers to make bouquets for your home with the kids. If you feel like doing a random act of kindness, but some bulk flowers at the grocery store and make some bouquets for local nursing home or rehab center residents.
  • Wash things outside. Kids love to wash bikes, scooters and outdoor toys.  Grab a bucket and some soap and just maybe your car will get washed too!
  • Get active outside. Play soccer, football, wiffle ball, kickball, roller skating or frisbee.
  • Make an outdoor obstacle course.  Use stuff you have around the house or head to the dollar store and find some stuff for an obstacle course. Hula hoops, baskets/boxes, balls, chalk and cones are all you need to get started!
  • Have a paper airplane race.  My kids and their cousins all watched a few videos on YouTube about making the best paper airplane and all decided to have a race.  It was so much fun watching them get serious about aerodynamics!
  • Make a fairy garden. You don’t need expensive supplies to get started. Use different household items or hot glue sticks and rocks together to make furniture.  See what kind of ideas the kids can come up with!

Whatever you do – it doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive.  Happy Spring!

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