Valentines Day Collection Boxes


Valentines Day is just around the corner!  If your little one is having a Valentine’s Day celebration at school- they will need some way to collect all their Valentines from their friends.

It seems like we still have Christmas decorations lying around, but here we are!  It’s the middle of January already and my kids have Valentine’s day on the brain.  Every year we try to come up with a unique Valentine’s Day box to bring to school, but sometimes we need a little help.

There are a bunch of amazing and unique ways to make a collection box with you child.  Have fun with it and get your child involved!  Kids love to show off their personality with their customized boxes.  Most of these can be made with recycled materials, paper and embellishments.   Feel free to change up colors or materials as well.

Here are 23 creative Valentine’s boxes for you to make with your child today.


Puppy Dog Valentine Box | Artsy Fartsy Mama










Gumball Machine | Life with Fingerprints










Pokemon Pikachu Box  | Happenings of the Harper Household









Valentine’s Vending Machine | Stacy Julian










Taco Card Box | Artsy Fartsy Mama










Penguin Valentine’s Box | Mommyapolis







Cookin’ up some love Oven | The Teacher Wife







Valentine’s Rubix Cube Box | Peppermint Plum









Mickey/Minnie Mouse Valentine’s Box | Design Dazzle










 Lego Valentine’s Box |Blackberry Vine







Hot Air Balloon Valentine’s Box | Somewhat Simple








Ice Cream Truck Card Holder | Plaid Online










Valentine’s Mailbox | Keeper of the Cheerios










Cat Valentine’s Box | Could not find original photo source (please let me know

if you know).  I thought this was too cute to leave out!










Pusheen Valentine’s Box | Orange you Crafty










Box Car Tutorial | Keriene











Nintendo DS Valentine’s Gamer Box| Melissa TeeGardin









Yellow Submarine Valentine’s Box | Plaid Online










IPad Valentine’s Box |Macaroni Kid Pittsburgh








Tardis Doctor Who Box | Simple Sojourns 










Cupcake Valentine’s Box | Adorn Event Styling










Tree Valentine Card Holder | Pattern Shmattern








Panda Bear Card Holder |  Plaid Online

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