Valentine’s Day Treasure Hunt

Valentine’s Day is one of those fun holidays to celebrate with your kids.  There isn’t too much pressure to buy a bunch of gifts or do anything elaborate.


Every year I have a Valentine’s Day treasure hunt with my kids. I usually buy them a cute little bag or box and put some goodies in there. It is nothing too fancy or expensive, just a few things to put a smile on their face.  Target has some cute things in their dollar spot like pencils, a marker set, card game slime or stickers.   I usually add some Valentine’s Candy too of course!


One year I included a little box in each gift bag that had a bunch of hearts.  On each heart wrote a reason why I love them or something special about them to make them feel loved.


Then I hide a bunch of clues leading them to their gifts. A treasure hunt is great because it adds a fun element and gives us all an activity to do together. 

I have a fun treasure hunt that you can print out the clues and hide them all around you house, leading to the surprise at the end.  There is also a blank one just in case you want to do different clues.  I added Surprise on the last clue just in case you don’t want to do gifts.  You could always do something else, like a movie night or a special treat.


Feel free to use these for personal use!  Please do not copy my design or use these in any way for profit.  It takes time to make these and I like to be able to provide them for my friends free here on my blog.  Thank you!

Click Here to Print the Full Clue Version






Click Here to get the Blank Clue Version


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