Family Traditions

Why Family Traditions are So Important

    When you have kids, traditions are something that you may start to do automatically. Even if you didn’t have many family traditions as a kid, it is such a fun way to make memories with your own children.

 As your family grows and kids age, some traditions may change with time.  You may choose to carry on things you did as a child or add entirely new traditions to your family’s repertoire.  Most families decide to do a mix of both.

  If you think back to when you were a kid,  those memories and traditions are the pillar of what defines your childhood. I remember sleeping in my brothers room on Christmas Eve waiting for Santa to come, Easter morning egg hunts and evening walks with my Dad to get root beer at the corner store on weekends. 

  Growing up, we didn’t have extra money to do big family vacations or travel anywhere exotic. Those small traditions help me look back and see that there were plenty of great memories, even if at the time it didn’t seem like it.


 So many parents put pressure on themselves to give their kids a perfect childhood.  You and feel like a failure when they you fall short. Traditions do not have to be anything extravagant, expensive or extremely detailed.   They can help shape a child and your family in so many ways.

  • Identity.  Family traditions not only give kids memories but also give them a sense of identity. Traditions can be cultural be something you can pass down from your own family and teach your kids about where you came from.  They can personal to you or something your family has done for years.  
  • Memories. Having a fun tradition like Tuesday Pizza night, or a night drive to look at lights on Christmas Eve can help kids look remember a special time. As kids get older, they love to look back at these amazing times. Especially when they are full of funny stories or special memories.  Hopefully as they get older they can pass down their own family traditions to their own kids as well.  Even if life isn’t perfect for your family and you deal with personal issues, creating traditions helps kids look back at the happier times as well.
  • Stronger Family Bond.  Doing things as a family,  no matter how small can really help strengthen a bond families have. When you do things on a regular basis it really shapes the memories your kids have of that time. Spending quality time together can do wonders for a family’s bond.
  • Comfort and Security.  Spending special family time together especially during crazy busy times like holidays can really slow things down. It can also help when kids are experiencing change such as a transition to a new school or a change in family status.  Having traditions really gives kids (and parents too) a chance to have something to look forward to.


    Creating family traditions is important for both you and your family. It can create so many great memories that help give everyone something to look forward to. Don’t worry about spending a lot of money or going overboard with some kind of daily/ weekly/ monthly traditions.  When it starts to become a chore, it really can suck the fun out of it!  Quality over quantity is definitely a motto to stick with when thinking of traditions you want to start with your family. Have fun with it!

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