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St. Patrick’s Day Treasure Hunt

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner.  Even if you aren’t Irish- it is still fun to celebrate! My kids have been obsessed with Leprechaun traps the past few years.  They have been a ton of fun to build too!

The Leprechaun usually visits us, has some fun and makes a mess. I just do a fun St. Patrick’s Day Treasure Hunt and a festive dessert. Nothing super fancy!

Every year a Leprechaun leaves my kids a treasure hunt that leads to a pot of gold.  In the pot of gold is usually candy or chocolate coins, sometimes I use Rolos and Skittles to look like a rainbow as well.  This past year I tried to get away from the candy and got the girls a fun book about St. Patrick’s day, some green glue (for slime of course!) and a cute little fluffy green St. Patty’s day Webkinz cat I found on Amazon.  Did you know Webkinz are still a thing? They are! My girls love to play online. You can always do some fun spring stuff like bubbles/jump ropes, stickers, candy movie tickets – it is up to you!


I made a free St. Patrick’s Day Treasure Hunt PDF for you to use with your kiddos.  They are pretty generic clues that are from a Leprechaun point of view.  I hope you like it!

***Just make sure you print both pages***

These files are for personal use only. I spend time creating some files for Free so families can make memories. Please do not copy or sell my files in any way. Thank you!

Click below to download both pages in PDF format



Have fun!  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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